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Official Log, ss BENDORAN - Nov 1942



Courtesy © University of Glasgow

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This is a verbatim account of the logbook of ss BENDORAN transcribed from The National Archives, Kew, BT 381/2254.

19/11/1942 at 8.40 GMT. 18°12S 6°42W

This is to certify that the following survivors ex ss "CITY OF CAIRO" were picked up.

Crew members (8)
No Name Position From
1 James Scott Electrician Glasgow
2 James Friel Third Radio Officer Glasgow
3 Michael Campbell Quartermaster Glasgow
4 Robert McKelvie Quartermaster Glasgow
5 Bdr Jones 2059233 - Deck Hand Manchester
6 Bryce Kerr 1820177 - Deck Hand Kirkintilloch
7 James Murphy 6292727 - Deck Hand Dartford, Kent
8 Kenneth MacLennan C/JX249221 - Deck Hand Achagarve, Ross-shire
Passengers (20)
No Names From
1 Alexander Marshall of Glasgow.
2 Lady May V.H. Almond and children  
3 Basil G. Francis R.H. Eleanor S. David L. of Polstead Colchester.
4 Mrs Eileen M. Sims, and children  
5 Mary. David. Lisa. Esther. of Lifford. Co Donegal. Ireland.
6 Miss Cecilia Norris of Prestwich, Manchester.
7 Mr & Mrs A.D. Miller 7 Bloomsbury Square London.
8 Miss Evelyn Ashdown of Shrewsbury.
9 Robert Keith of Grantown on Spey.
10 George E. Faun of Ealing London.
11 T.G. Green of Mumbles Swansea.
12 Sir John R. Dain c/o Lloyds Bank Pall Mall London.
13 Lewis Scaife of Newcastle on Tyne.

Also 20 Lascars.

19/11/42 18.30 GMT 18°45S 5°10W

This is to certify that L. Scaife a survivor of ss "CITY OF CAIRO" died from Heart Failure due to Exposure and Heart Disease, and was buried at sea. Doctor Miller who was also a survivor certified to the above cause of death. A spectacle case found on the deceased person has the name L. Scaife. 49 Earls Rd Fenham Newcastle on Tyne, on the inside. This was the only means of identification found on him.

Personal effects.
6 in. case containing spectacles.

19/11/42 18.40 GMT 15°12S 6°42W

This is to certify that the following names are those of the native survivors.

Lascar Crew (20)
No Name
1 Muhubub Putoo
2 Chan Khan (Hingu Khan)
3 Shek Baboo Shek Mathe
4 Shek Madauy Shek Penoo
5 Shek Alahauddin Ahmed Shek
6 Abdul Rayack Abdul Majid
7 Domun Lall Chand
8 John C. Fernandes
9 Benjamin Pinto
10 John D'Souza
11 Abdulla Mohamed
12 Abdulla Khadar Abdulla
13 Shek Hassan Shek Imam
14 Bodis Rahmann Ahmuode
15 Mohamad Salin Mohamad Hussain
16 Luthe Miha Tayulla
17 Mahamed Karim Jummagol
18 Ali Ahmed
19 Abdulla Wajadin
20 Makmad Taway

The log is signed by the Master, Capt. W.C.Wilson and the Chief Officer R.A. Morrison.

I have tried to transcribe the names of the Lascar's correctly from the document, but due to the difficulty with the original document there will be spelling mistakes, please bear this in mind.